Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Inventions made by ancient indian's...........part..10

Our ancient seers did not use light as a standard for length measurement. Albert Einstain found that light bends if it passes by the side of a large mass. How can that “which bends” be called unchangeable? Every created thing is subject to change by time; there is nothing like an universal constant. And the velocity of light is no exception to this law. The velocity of light of our Sun was greater in Krita Yuga than what it is now, even if it is by a small fraction. The velocity of light is proportional to the stored energy in the Sun or any other star. Modern science also accepts that
the Sun has lost a lot of energy over billions of years. Then, there must be some other stars in the
universe which have greater stored energies than the Sun, and are emitting light which is faster than that of the Sun? Yes. Modern science will confirm this after it develops more sophisticated equipment than what they have at present. Why then are we not able to use our own ancient knowledge? It is a law of nature that everything in creation must go through cycles of time. The period of light must be followed by a period of darkness, and the period of wakefulness must be followed by a period of sleep. And the period of happiness must by followed by a period of
sorrow; otherwise, the human mind will not give the due value to happiness. After a period of sorrow, the happiness that comes next will be much more heartening. Hence, according to that law, the higher psyche of Indians is at sleep now. Will it wake up in the near future? Can we see it during our own life time? Yes. Some astrologers, both Indian and Western, have predicted that India will
awaken to a part of its prestigious glory in about two decades from now. One visioner wrote: “(In India), good character and culture will be inculcated in all spheres of life. …. Due to the scientific progress achieved by India and her increased amity with America, Indian society will shed its
degenerate culture and become progressive. By 2020, Indian society would have significantly expanded its thinking. …. Spiritual books, originating from India, will become extremely popular and command a global audience. From 2010, winds of spiritualism will blow across the entire world, awakening more and more people in its wake. Where limits of (modern) science end, spiritualism begins. …. Along with scientific progress, intellectuals will start recognizing the importance of spiritualism. …. From 2050, a new era will begin….”[2]. I have also done some astrological calculations and agree to the lines quoted above. This is further backed-up by science and technology in our Hindu scriptures. They are the invaluable assets given by our ancestors. They will definitely help India to rise.

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