Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Inventions made by ancient indian's...........part..9(AERONATICS)

Indian aeronautics
How are the next generation computers are going to be designed? We have a dual-core Pentium processor which is replacing the old one. But, the development will not be faster that way, because they still use electron currents. We all know that light travels faster than electron current. When they use laser flows instead of electron flow using Raman Effect discovered by Sir C.V.Raman, Nobel Laureate, the next big revolution in making computers will take place. Some researchers in
U.S.A. are already working in this line. The next drawback in a computer is that the Numeric Co-Processor in the C.P.U. works according to arithmetic logic. We know that the result of multiplying an eight digit number with another eight digit number cannot be obtained in one step. But ancient India knows a very unique method which gives this answer in one step – the Vedic mathematics. If the Numeric Co-Processor was to be designed using Vedic mathematics, each personal computer will work like a super computer even with thepresent day computer hardware.

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