Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Inventions made by ancient indian's...........part..8.(surgery)

Who invented plastic surgery?
The Indians. It is fully described by Maharshi Susruta, the ancient Ayurvedic surgeon, in his Samhita. Who invented acupuncture? The Indians. Who invented the martial arts? The Indians.
Who invented the remote sensing and imaging techniques? The Indians. Who discovered Advanced Astrology? The Indians. Who discovered Advanced Astronomy? The Indians. Who discovered Groundwater Hydrology? The Indians. We can read Brihat Samhita of Varaha Mihira; the Indian method is better than the modern techniques of using space satellites. Who were the first to
construct planned cities with high technology infrastructures for water supply and sewerage? The
Indians. Who invented the hanging bridges? The Indians. Chinese who visited India a few thousands of years ago wrote about our hanging bridges which used steel beams and steel ropes. Who discovered higher philosophy? The Indians. Were there Doora Sravana and Doora Darsana
machines in ancient India? Yes. Did our ancients knew radars and laser weapons? Yes, the techology was given in the Sanskrit manuscript Samarangana Sutra Dhara.
Who discovered Irrigation Engineering?
Another name for India was Yilaa Varta. The hidden meaning of this name is Jala Maaruta, the country of water laden winds. No other country in the world has monsoons. The rainfall
in India is more than the total rainfall in the rest of the world. India is the land of mighty rivers – and
that in a very large number that outnumber all other countrie. In the olden days, the water flow rate in the Ganga exceeded that of any other river in the world. The people of South India built and maintained an extensive system of irrigation tanks and associated canals with extraordinary managerial and social skills. They shared the waters following the ways of nature from time immemorial. Construction of small dams at every possible location was carried out with such
completeness that a British engineer of the 19th century thought that it would be impossible to add
another tank to that irrigation system. It was a marvel of Indian engineering and human cooperation. Nothing like it existed else where in the world at any time in the past. While peasants of other countries broke their backs to reap one harvest, the Indians produced two or three bumper crops a year. The harvest in the Krishna and Kauvery river basins was large enough to meet the needs of rest of our country during periods of crisis. Visitors from Europe and China in pre-Christian times
wrote that India was a land of plenty. Our Buddhist and Jain religious records also say the same thing. Who were the first to postulate the infinity of the universe and the plurality of inhabited worlds like the earth? The Indians. The Vishnu Purana says that the earth is merely one of thousands of millions of inhabited worlds like itself to be found in theuniverse.

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