Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Inventions made by ancient indian's...........part..6.(aircraft)

Who invented the aircraft?
India had many ancient Sanskrit texts on aeronautics. The Yantra Sarvaswa of Maharshi Bharadwaja, Vimaana Chandrika of Maharshi Narayan, Vyoma Yaana Tantra of Sounaka, and Vyoma Yaanarka of Dandi Natha are some of them. They contained topics like Maargadhi Karana
(Navigation and control of speed during flight), Lohaadhi Karana (alloys used for various components of the aircraft) and Saktyaadhi Karana (production and usage of various fuels used in aircrafts). Para Sabda Grahakata is a subject of monitoring the flight tracks of aircrafts, navigatory communication system, and monitoring the conversation of the pilots in the aircrafts. Maharshi Gouthama mentioned 32 models of aircrafts used in Treta Yuga; only one model among them, called Pushpaka Vimaanam, became popular in the Ramayana. The Vaimaanika Sastra describes Tripura Vimaanam that uses solar powered engine to travel at three levels – on the land, under the surface of water, and in the air. Sakuna Vimaanam is a cross between an aircraft and a rocket – a space shuttle. The British have robbed most of our Sanskrit manuscripts during their rule in India. In 1895, Sivasankar Thalpad of Bombay had constructed an aircraft with an engine which flew to an altitude of 1500 feet. He was a Vedic scholar and used to teach at the J.J. School of Arts. He obtained the technology from some rare Sanskrit manuscripts. He also wrote a book in Marathi named
Praacheena Vimaana Vidye Chaasodha. Lalaji Rayanji, Maharaja of Baroda, was one of the many witnesses who had seen the flying of that aircraft. After the untimely death of Prof.Thalpad, his legal heirs sold all his scripts and materials to the British. (You can check the year of flying of Wright Brothers).

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