Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Inventions made by ancient indian's...........part..5.(steel)

Who invented steel?
The Rig Veda mentions “wootz” steel. Evidence for the manufacture of steel in ancient times is available in South India. The Arabians used to make a lot of money by selling Indian steel ingots to Europe. In 1746, the queen of Britain had sent a scientist named Benjamin Hauntsman to India to obtain the secret of making steel. Hauntsman stayed in India for some years, went back to Britain and submitted a report to the queen. Some historic records say that he did not write the
main secret and he started his foundry in his native town. How the secret reached Henry Bessemer is unnecessary for us because his process was essentially the Indian crucible method of making steel. Another Indian contribution to industries in Europe was the process of casting. The frames of machine tools of that time were made of wood. Good mechanical devices like clocks did exist in Britain as early as 1300s. They were works of skilled crafts persons and were not products of precision machine tools. It was not until the structures of the machine tools were cast using
Indian casting method and their other components were made of hard metals using Indian steel making method, the high precision machine tools could be made. The so called Industrial Revolution of Europe in the 1800s heavily depended on this.

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