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Inventions made by ancient indian's...........part..4(ships)

Who invented the ships?
Some persons may argue what is a ship. Read thedefinition of a ship:
Europe has only soft wood trees. The ships made of those woods are good for sailing the Mediterranean or a smaller sea. They are no good for sailing on the oceans. The ship of Vasco de Gama was about to collapse when it reached India. It is the Indian marine engineers who repaired that ship and made it worthy again for sea travel. Which country has the trees that provide the hardest wood? India. The Sanskrit name for deodar tree was Deva Tharu, the tree that gives the
best wood; it is native to India. Other hard woods like teak and mahogany are also native to India.
J. Ovington, Chaplain to the British King, the seventeenth-century English traveler, who visited Surat, wrote a book “A Voyage to Surat in the Year 1689″. He was impressed by the skill of the Indians in ship-building and found that they even outshone Europeans. The timber used by the Indians was so strong that it would not ‘crack’ even by the force of a bullet so he urged the English to use that timber ‘to help them in war’. Indian Teak stood firmer than the English
Oak, remarked Ovington.
Rig Veda mentions ships with 100 oars. Such ships sailed over seven oceans and returned to India.
Visitors to India from Greece and Rome during the pre-Christian times wrote that the Brahmins of India knew that the earth is in the form of a globe and one can reach the same place after sailing through the seven oceans. The Buddhist Jataka stories wrote about large Indian ships carrying seven hundred people. In the Artha Sastra, Koutilya wrote about the Board of
Shipping and the Commissioner of Port who supervised sea traffic. The Harivamsa informs that the first geographical survey of the world was performed during the period of Vaivasvata. The towns, villages and demarcation of agricultural land of that period were depicted on maps. Brahmanda Purana provides the best and the most detailed description of world map drawn on
a flat surface using an accurate scale. Padma Purana says that world maps were prepared and maintained in book form and kept with care and safety in chests. Surya Siddhantha speaks about construction of wooden globe representing earth and marking of horizontal circles, equatorial circles and further divisions. The second item exported by the erst while British East India Company was Indian ship. A few of these ships are still in service, and are used for training cadets of
the British Navy. During World War II, Maharajas of India have lent some hundreds of their ships to the British for use as hospital ships.

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