Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Inventions made by ancient indian's...........part..7.(mettalargy and nuclear weapons)

Who invented powder metallurgy?
The Indians. The iron pillar in Delhi which does not get rust even today is the proof for it. It is not the only one of its kind; there are many more scatteredthrough out in India. The Russians who took scrapings from the pillar confirmed that it is made using powder metallurgy technology. The so called space-age technology of today can make only small pieces using powder metallurgy; they are generally used as tips in cutting tools. How could our ancients make such a big pillar using powder metallurgy? The pillar is like a time capsule – it is challenging the world. Can we rise to the pinnacles of achievement to which our ancients had reached?
Who invented nuclear weapons?
You may have heard about the great Astras mentioned in our Puranas. But you may
not have read about them in detail: “The Mahabharata – an ancient Indian epic compiled 3000 years ago – contains a reference to a terrible weapon. Regrettably, in our age of the atomic bomb, the description of this weapon exploding will not appear to be an exaggeration:‘…. a blazing shaft possessed of the effulgence of a smokeless fire (was) let off…’. That was how this weapon was perceived. The consequences ofiits use also evoke involuntary associations. ‘…
This makes the bodies of the dead unidentifiable. … The survivors lose their nails and hair, and
their food becomes unfit for eating. For several subsequent years the Sun, the stars and the sky
remain shrouded with clouds and bad weather’. This weapon was known as the Weapon of Brahma or the Flame of Indra……”[1].

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